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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Get a Tattoo?

Yes, it is completely safe for most people to get Tattoos. Jason makes sure to hold client safety as the first and foremost priority. He does the highest level of sterilization possible and goes above and beyond all local health codes and laws.

Does it Hurt?

Of course it hurts, but there are lots of people walking around with tattoos. So it's not unbearable. There are many sensations used to describe it depending on each person and what area is being worked on. Some people even like it!

Can I Bring My Own Picture or Drawing for My Tattoo?

Yes. This tattoo will be on you permanently, so Jason wants to be sure you are completely satisfied. Bring anything you think might help depict exactly what you're looking for in your tattoo. Jason also has plenty of reference books available for ideas. No matter whether you know exactly what you want or don't have a clue, Jason can work with you to design a custom piece of art that you will love.

How Much Will it Cost?

That depends on the size of the piece and the detail involved. Some pieces cannot be completed in one sitting. You will be given a quote once you meet with the artist and go over the details of what you want. Remember though, if another studio is willing do your tattoo super cheap BEWARE! Sometimes you get what you pay for and this is going to be on you forever. If you do go for the super cheap shop see question on fixing a bad tattoo!

Deposit Policy

Only make your deposit once you get confirmation from Jason concerning your completed consultation form.

Jason is booked anywhere from a couple of weeks out to 6+ months out. He will contact you within a couple days of your submission. Once he has your deposit payment, on the next business day to schedule a date that works with you and the artist you selected.

The Deposit is Nonrefundable

$150 for Tattoo
$250 for Sleeve
$400 for Back Piece

Deposits are applied to the final cost of the tattoo. If you cancel, do not show or do not give at least 48 hour notice to reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited. You must give at least 48 hour notice to reschedule without forfeiting your deposit. You can only reschedule twice. After the second reschedule, it is considered a cancellation and your deposit will be forfeited.

I Have a REALLY Bad Tattoo, Can You Fix It?

Jason can usually cover up or fix most tattoos-even really bad ones so you would never even know they were there. He is always honest though. If he doesn't think it can be successfully covered, he will let you know and work with you on what options you do have so you will ultimately be happy. Jason never does a tattoo just to make a buck. Jason takes tremendous pride in his work and art. Be assured that the artwork on your body and how you feel about it is a reflection on him - meaning your satisfaction is VERY important!

How Long Before I Can Get a Tan or Swim After Getting a Tattoo?

When all the scabs fall off and the skin feels smooth again to the touch, it is all healed and you can shave over it again, and swim and everything else. Sometimes after the scab falls off there is a secondary shiny, raised or waxy coat over the tattoo. This is just another healing layer of skin. Continue to moisturize it and it will smooth out by itself over time. If you have any questions about your tattoo while its healing you are always welcome to contact Jason and have him check it out. You could also email Jason with "AFTERCARE" in the subject line for a more immediate response.

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