To begin setting up your tattoo appointment, you can follow the steps below. Once the consultation form is completed, Jason will contact you to discuss availability, explain next steps for your deposit and get things rolling to begin drawing up your next tattoo.

Complete the Form

Complete the form below and Jason will contact you to discuss your tattoo and the necessary steps that need to be taken before your first appointment.


Tattoo Details


Submit Your Deposit

Only make your deposit once you get confirmation from Jason concerning your completed consultation form.

Jason is booked anywhere from a couple of weeks out to 6+ months out. He will contact you within a couple days of your submission. Once he has your deposit payment, on the next business day to schedule a date that works with you and the artist you selected.

The Deposit is Nonrefundable

$150 for Tattoo
$250 for Sleeve
$350 for Back Piece

Deposits are applied to the final cost of the tattoo. If you cancel, do not show or do not give at least 48 hour notice to reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited. You must give at least 48 hour notice to reschedule without forfeiting your deposit. You can only reschedule twice. After the second reschedule, it is considered a cancellation and your deposit will be forfeited.